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Little Drummer Boy! 

Season's greetings! Hope this festive season is treating you well so far. You may already know how much I love this time of year and love doing my own versions of Christmas/Holiday songs, so here's my version of the classic tune "Little Drummer Boy".

Little Drummer Boy Video (Guitar/Instrumental Version)

Little Drummer Boy Video (Vocal Version)

On iTunes: Little Drummer Boy on iTunes

On BandCamp: Little Drummer Boy on Bandcamp

Much love, best wishes and Happy Holidays!

- Daniel

The Brotherhood of Fiann (Folk Metal) 

There's something about the combination of folk and metal that I just love. That being said, I present to you my latest creation:

The Brotherhood of Fiann  

Video on YouTube:

On Soundcloud:

On iTunes:

On BandCamp:

Thanks and much love,

- Daniel

A Very Tidwell Christmas Returns! 

Happy Holidays! Hopefully you're in the spirit of the season and if not hopefully I can help. I just released my new "A Very Tidwell Christmas" EP for 2012 and wish you to enjoy it. And if not then bah humbug, ya scrooge!

A Very Tidwell Christmas on iTunes:

Sleigh Ride Together (Giddy Up Let's Go) video on YouTube:

On BandCamp:

Thank you so much for your continued support. I love you!

Best wishes,

- Daniel

Many New Songs/Videos! 

So this is just a quick post to say if you aren't subscribed or haven't been checking out my YouTube channel recently I've been posting up a lot of new videos and there will be much more to come! Also would really appreciate if you're subscribed on my YouTube scroll over where it says "subscribed" you can click the checkbox to "receive email for each new upload" on my channel and if you're on my Facebook scroll over "Liked" and check the checkbox for "Show in news feed". Otherwise they're trying to charge pages to "promote" to people who've liked their page so this is one way around that. Many thanks and much love!

Best wishes,

- Daniel

"The Mystic Quest For Metal (A Tribute to the music of Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest)" is released! 

Hey there! Well I just finished up my Mystic Quest Tribute EP entitled "The Mystic Quest For Metal".

It's on iTunes now, check it out!

Also just uploaded a video of me playing a track from it called "The Dark King":

In addition to iTunes the EP is also available for download in the store section of this website
and at my BandCamp:

Thank you so much for the support and much love to all.

Best wishes,

- Daniel

Restore Glory (Conquest of the Crystal Palace) - NES Melodic Death Metal? 

Recently as I've been playing many older video games I come across some amazing musical compositions in them and
as soon as I heard this track from "Conquest of the Crystal Palace" I knew what had to be done! So enjoy my musical and lyrical interpretation of this tune from the 5th stage of the NES game Conquest of the Crystal Palace! I realize all of you won't be into this style (particularlly vocally). And that's okay. :)

Best wishes,

- Daniel

Those Who Fight Further! 

Hey there! A good morning to all and hope you're doing well!

Check out my cover of the song "Those Who Fight Further" here:

The song is available to download for free in the store section of this site and on my Facebook page.

Also I just did an update video where I requested that people ask me questions
of any nature they'd want to see answered in a video, so go ahead and ask me something! :)

Best wishes,

- Daniel

God Rest Ye METAL Gentlemen! 

Greetings! I hope you're all in good spirits for the season at hand. And if not perhaps I can assist you in getting there!

Check out my metal parody of the song "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" here:

The song is available to download for free in the store section of this site and on my Facebook page.

Also I just released what I'm calling "A Very Tidwell Christmas (2011)" - which is my version of three insrumental Christmas songs. It's available in the store on the site, on iTunes and! So Check it out!

Best wishes,

- Daniel

50% off all music in the store and new YT channel! 

Greetings! My new YT channel is for anything and everything not related to my music and doesn't change anything about my current channel, so check it out and subscribe if you're interested in it!

Video Sneak Peek at the new channel:

Also, in the spirit of the season all music in the store section is 50% off until Friday!

Much Love and Best wishes,

- Daniel